Each member of CPR Survey staff can be contacted directly through this page, by phone or e-mail.

A short biography can be reached by clicking on a staff member's name, including Researchgate links where applicable.

If you are interested in joining our team we advertise all vacancies on the Marine Biological Association website, our social media channels as well as some external advertising sites.

CPR Survey Staff

David Johns

Head of the Continuous Plankton Recorder Survey

Phoebe Barrett

Plankton Analyst

Gemma Brice

Plankton Analyst and Interpretation Officer

Martina Brunetta

Plankton Analyst and Silk Preparer

Rob Camp

Instrumentation and Data Technician

Ethan Cooke

Plankton Analyst

Lance Gregory

Operations and Workshop Manager

Dr Keelan Lawlor

PDRA (Molecular Phytoplankton Ecology)

Jennifer Leigh

Plankton Analyst and Communications Officer

Jules Morley

Marine Engineering Technician

Peter Ockenden

CPR Survey Workshop Assistant (Mechanical)

Dr Clare Ostle

CPR Research Fellow. Co-ordinator Pacific CPR Survey

Keanu Rotard

Plankton Analyst

Claire Taylor

Laboratory Manager & Plankton Analyst