Photo of Dr Keelan Lawlor

Dr Keelan Lawlor

  • PDRA (Molecular Phytoplankton Ecology)

Keelan's research currently focuses on developing molecular tools to better understand and predict harmful algal blooms (HABs) as part of the ACTNOW project. 

He has previously worked investigating macroalgae-bacteria interactions and post-harvest degradation kinetics of macroalgal biomass. He is also interested in extraction kinetics of lipid biomolecules during scale-up, the development/modification of industrial extraction methods to accommodate new feedstocks and the application and development of low-cost hyperspectral image sensor systems and the novel applications of these technologies. He has previously worked on novel (food science) applications of marine microalgae derived biomolecules (specifically complex lipids), their characterisation and functionality based on their physical properties.



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