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Publications produced by CPR Survey scientists and collaborating researchers using CPR Survey data. 

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Peer-reviewed Publications

Caracciolo, M., Beaugrand, G*., Hélaouët, P., Gevaert, F., Edwards, M., Lizon, F., Kléparski, L., Goberville, E., (2021) Annual phytoplankton succession results from niche-environment interaction, Journal of Plankton Research, Volume 43, Issue 1, Pages 85–102

Edwards, M, Hélaouët, P, Goberville, E, Lindley, A, Atkinson, A, Tarlin, G. (submitted). Widespread decline in krill and habitat shrinkage in a warming North Atlantic Ocean. Nature communication 

Deldicq, N., Langlet, D., Delaeter, C. Beaugrand, G*., Seuront, L. & Bouchet, V.M.P. (2021), Effects of temperature on the behaviour and metabolism of an intertidal foraminifera and consequences for benthic ecosystem functioning. Sci Rep 11, 4013.

Druon, J-N, Gascuel, D, … , Hélaouët, P, … (submitted). Mesoscale productivity fronts and local fishing opportunities in the European Seas. Fish and Fisheries 

Druon, J-N, Mangin, A, Hélaouët, P, Palialexis, A. (2021). The chlorophyll-a gradient as primary Earth observation index of marine ecosystem feeding capacity. 2021. CMEMS, Journal of Operational Oceanography OSR5.

Taylor, M, Akimova, A, Bracher, A Kempf, A Kühn, N, Hélaouët, P. Using dynamic ocean color provinces to elucidate drivers of North Sea hydrography and ecology. (in preparation).


Peer-reviewed Publications 

Allen, S., Henson, S., Hickman, A., Beaulieu, C., Doncaster, P.C. and Johns, D.G. (2020) Interannual stability of phytoplankton community composition in the North East Atlantic. Marine Ecology Progress Series 655: 43-57

*Bedford, J., Johns, D. G., & McQuatters-Gollop, A. (2020). Implications of taxon-level variation in climate change response for interpreting plankton lifeform biodiversity indicators. ICES Journal of Marine Science, 77(7-8), 3006-3015.

*Bedford, J.,  Ostle, C., Johns, D.G., Budria, A., and McQuatters-Gollop, A. 2020. The influence of temporal scale selection on pelagic habitat biodiversity indicators. Ecological Indicators

*Bedford, J.,  Ostle, C., Johns, D.G., Atkinson, A.,  Best, M., Bresnan, E., Machairopoulou, M., Graves, C.A., Devlin, M.,  Milligan, A., Pitois, S., Mellor, A., Tett, P. and McQuatters-Gollop, A. In press.  Lifeform indicators reveal large-scale shifts in plankton across the North-West European shelf. Global change biology, 26(6), 3482-3497.

Campbell, M., Edwards, M., *Hosie, G., Johns, D., Ostle, C. and Wilson, W., et al., Testing Bergmann’s Rule in marine copepods (2020),

Chivers W., Edwards, M and *Hays, G.C. (2020). Phenological shuffling of major marine phytoplankton groups over the last six decades. Diversity and Distributions, 1-13.

Faktorová, D., Nisbet, R.E.R., Fernández Robledo, J.A. Stern R., et al. Genetic tool development in marine protists: emerging model organisms for experimental cell biology. Nat Methods 17, 481–494 (2020). 

Lear, D., Herman, P.,  Van Hoey, G., Schepers, L., Tonné, N., Lipizer ,M., Muller-Karger, F.E.,  Appeltans, W., Kissling, W.D., Holdsworth, N Edwards, M.,  Pecceu, E.,  Nygård, H., Canonico, G.,  Birchenough, S Graham, G.,  Deneudt, K Claus, P. Oset., P. 2020. Supporting the essential – recommendations for the development of accessible and interoperable biological data products. Marine Policy, 117.

Lindegren, M., Rindorf, A.,Norin, T., Johns, D.G. and van Deurs, M., Climate- and density-dependent regulation of fish growth throughout ontogeny: North Sea sprat as a case study, ICES Journal of Marine Science, fsaa218,

Litzow, M. A. Hunsicker, M.E., Ward, E.J., Anderson, S.C., Gao, J., Zador, S.G., Batten, S., Dressel, S.C., Duffy-Anderson, J., Fergusson, E., Hopcroft,, R.R., Laurel, B.J., O'Malley, R. (2020). Evaluating ecosystem change as Gulf of Alaska temperature exceeds the limits of preindustrial variability, Progress in Oceanography, 186,102393, ISSN 0079-6611

McGinty. N., Barton, A., Record, N., Finkel, Z., Johns, D.G. and Irwin, A.J. (2020). Anthropogenic climate change impacts on copepod trait biogeography. Global Change Biology.

Montero, J.T., Lima, M., Estay, S.A. and Rezendem E.L., 2020 . Spatial and temporal shift in the factors affecting the population dynamics of Calanus copepods in the North Sea. Global Change Biology

Murray S. A. Thompson, Hugo Pontalier, Michael A. Spence, John K. Pinnegar, Simon P. R. Greenstreet, Meadhbh Moriarty, Pierre Hélaouët, Christopher P. Lynam. 2020. A feeding guild indicator to assess environmental change impacts on marine ecosystem structure and functioning. Journal of Applied Ecology. DOI: 10.1111/1365-2664.13662 

Schmidt, K., Birchill, A.J., Atkinson, A., Brewin, R.J., Clark, J.R., Hickman, A.E., Johns, D.G., Lohan, M.C., Milne, A., Pardo, S., Polimene, L., Smyth, T.J., Tarran, G.A., Widdicombe, C.E., Woodward, M.S., Ussher, S.J. 2020 Increasing picocyanobacteria success in shelf waters contributes to long‐term food web degradation. Global Change Biology, DOI:10.1111/gcb.15161

Strand E., Bagøien, E, Edwards, M., Broms, C & Klevjer, T. 2020. Spatial distributions and seasonal succession of four Calanus species in the Northeast Atlantic. Progress in Oceanography, 185: 102334

Thompson, M, Pontalier, H, Spence, MA, Pinnegar, JK, Greenstreet, S, Moriarty, M, Hélaouët, P, Lynam, C. (2020). A feeding guild indicator to assess environmental change impacts on marine ecosystem structure and functioning. Journal of Applied Ecology. 

Uttieri, M., L. Aguzzi, R. Aiese Cigliano, A. Amato, N. Bojanić, M. Brunetta, E. Camatti, Y. Carotenuto, T. Damjanović, F. Delpy, A. de Olazabal, I. Di Capua, J. Falcão, M. L. Fernandez de Puelles, G. Foti, O. Garbazey, A. Goruppi, A. Gubanova, E. Hubareva, A. Iriarte, A. Khanaychenko, D. Lučić, S. C. Marques, M. G. Mazzocchi, J. Mikuš, R. Minutoli, M. Pagano, M. Pansera, I. Percopo, A. L. Primo, L. Svetlichny, S. Rožić, V. Tirelli, I. Uriarte, O. Vidjak, F. Villate, M. Wootton, G. Zagami and S. Zervoudaki (2020). "WGEUROBUS – Working Group “Towards a EURopean OBservatory of the non-indigenous calanoid copepod Pseudodiaptomus marinus”." Biological Invasions 22(3): 885-906. DOI 10.1007/s10530-019-02174-8

Zäncker, B., Stern, R., Price, E., Cunliffe, M. (2020) Reduce, Reuse, Recycle in the Arctic Ocean With the Power of Microbes. Frontiers for Young Minds.

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