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Publications produced by CPR Survey scientists and collaborating researchers using CPR Survey data. 

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2023 (published and submitted)

Belcher, A., Henley, S. F., Hendry, K., Wootton, M., Friberg, L., Dallman, U., Wang, T., Coath, C., and Manno, C.: Seasonal cycles of biogeochemical fluxes in the Scotia Sea, Southern Ocean: a stable isotope approach, Biogeosciences, 20, 3573–3591,, 2023. 

Blöcker, A.M., Sguotti, C. and Möllmann, C. (2023) Discontinuous dynamics in North Sea cod Gadus morhua caused by ecosystem change. MEPS 713: 133-149 

Chaabane, Sonia, de Garidel, Thibault, Giraud, Xavier, Schiebel, Ralf, Beaugrand, Gregory, Brummer, Geert-Jan, Casajus, Nicolas, Greco, Mattia, Grigoratou, Maria, Howa, Hélène, Jonkers, Lukas, Kucera, Michal, Kuroyanagi, Azumi, Meilland, Julie, Monteiro, Fanny, Mortyn, Graham, Almogi-Labin Ahuva, Asahi Hirofumi, Avnaim-Katav Simona, Johns D.G.Ziveri Patrizi (2023) The FORCIS database: A global census of planktonic Foraminifera from ocean waters. Nature Scientific Data, 10, 354. 

Djeghri, N., Boyé, A., Ostle, C., Hélaouët, P. (2023) Reinterpreting two regime shifts in North Sea’s plankton communities through the lens of functional traits. Global Ecology and Biogeography 32, 962975.

Graves, C.A., Best, M., Atkinson, A., Bear, B.4 Bresnan, E, Holland, M., Johns, D.G., Machairopoulou, M., McQuatters-Gollop, A., Mellor, A., Ostle, C., Paxman, K., Pitois, S., Tett, P. and Devlin, M. (Accepted) At what scale should we assess the health of pelagic habitats? Trade-offs between small-scale manageable pressures and the need for regional upscaling. Ecological Indicators.

Holland MM, Louchart A, Artigas LF, Ostle C, Atkinson A, Rombouts I, Graves CA, Devlin M, Heyden B, Machairopoulou M, Bresnan E. Major declines in NE Atlantic plankton contrast with more stable populations in the rapidly warming North Sea. Science of the Total Environment. 2023 Nov 10;898:165505.  

Kjesbu, O. S., Alix, M., Sandø, A. B., Strand, E., Wright, P. J., Johns, D. G., Thorsen, A., Marshall, C. T., Bakkeplass, K. G., Vikebø, F. B., Skuggedal Myksvoll, M., Ottersen, G., Allan, B. J. M., Fossheim, M., Stiansen, J. E., Huse, G., & Sundby, S. (2023). Latitudinally distinct stocks of Atlantic cod face fundamentally different biophysical challenges under on-going climate change. Fish and Fisheries, 00, 1–  24.

Kleparski, L.*, Beaugrand, G., Edwards, M. and Ostle, C. (2023) Phytoplankton life strategies, phenological shifts and climate change in the North Atlantic Ocean from 1850-2100. Global Change Biology 

Lampitt, R.S., Briggs, N., Cael, B.B., Espinola, B., Hélaouët, P., Henson, P., Norrbin,F., Pebody, C.A. and Smeed, D. (accepted). Deep ocean particle flux in the Northeast Atlantic over the past 30 years:  Carbon sequestration is controlled by ecosystem structure in the upper ocean. Frontiers in Earth Science, section Biogeoscience.

Li, K., J. C. Naviaux, S. S. Lingampelly, L. Wang, J. M. Monk, C. M. Taylor, C. Ostle, S. Batten, and R. K. Naviaux. 2023. Historical biomonitoring of pollution trends in the North Pacific using archived samples from the Continuous Plankton Recorder Survey. Science of the Total Environment 865:161222. Elsevier B.V. <>.

McEvoy AJ, Atkinson A, Airs RL, Brittain R, Brown I, Fileman ES, Findlay HS, McNeill CL, Ostle C, Smyth TJ, Somerfield PJ. The Western Channel Observatory: a century of oceanographic, chemical and biological data compiled from pelagic and benthic habitats in the Western English Channel. Earth System Science Data Discussions. 2023 Aug 16;2023:1-42. 

Uttieri, M.; Anadoli, O.; Banchi, E.; Battuello, M.; Beşiktepe, Ş.; Carotenuto, Y.; Marques, S.C.; de Olazabal, A.; Di Capua, I.; Engell-Sørensen, K.; Wootton, M. et al. The Distribution of Pseudodiaptomus marinus in European and Neighbouring Waters—A Rolling Review. J. Mar. Sci. Eng. 2023, 11, 1238. 

Price, E., Mahaffey, C., Stern, R., Castellani, C., Jeffreys, R. (2023) Trophic resilience of Calanoid copepods to variation in net primary productivity in the sub-Arctic Atlantic. Glob Change Biol. (submitted)

Powell, K., and C. Ostle. 2023. Where I work. Nature 613:406. <>

Ratnarajah, L., Abu-Alhaija, R., Atkinson, A., Batten, S., Bax, N.J., Bernard, K.S., Canonico, G., Cornils, A., Everett J.D., Grigoratou, M.,  Ishak, N.H.A., Johns, D.G., Lombard, F., Muxagata, E., Ostle, C., Pitois, S., Richardson, A.J., Schmidt, K., Stemmann, L., Swadling, K.M., Yang, G. and Yebra, L. (ACCEPTED Nature Communications) Marine zooplankton in a changing climate.

Reuman, D.C., Castorani, M.C., Cavanaugh, K.C., Sheppard, L.W., Walter, J.A. and Bell, T.W., 2023. How environmental drivers of spatial synchrony interact. Ecography, p.e06795. ESSDD - The Western Channel Observatory: a century of oceanographic, chemical and biological data compiled from pelagic and benthic habitats in the Western English Channel (

Stern, Rowena, Kathryn Picard, Jessica Clarke, Charlotte E. Walker, Claudia Martins, Clare Marshall, Ana Amorim, E. Malcolm S. Woodward, Claire Widdicombe, Glen Tarran, and Martin Edwards. 2023. "Composition and Patterns of Taxa Assemblages in the Western Channel Assessed by 18S Sequencing, Microscopy and Flow Cytometry" Journal of Marine Science and Engineering 11, no. 3: 480. February 2023. 

Stamieszkin, K., Millette, N., Luo, J.Y., Follett, E.M., Record, N.R. and Johns, D.G. (submitted) Large protistan mixotrophs in the North Atlantic Continuous Plankton Recorder time series: associated environmental conditions and trends. Frontiers in Marine Science 

Walter, Jonathan A., Kyle A. Emery, Jenifer E. Dugan, David M. Hubbard, Tom W. Bell, Lawrence W. Sheppard, Vadim A. Karatayev, Kyle C. Cavanaugh, Daniel C. Reuman, and Max C. N. Castorani (2023) Spatial synchrony cascades across ecosystem boundaries and up food webs via resource subsidies (submitted PNAS July 2023) 

Worship M. Gregory, L. 2023. Campaign Summary Report - Continuous Plankton Recorder deployments along the Brazil and South Africa (BSA) survey line in October 2021. 


2022 (published)

Batten, S., Hélaouët, P., Ostle, C. and Walne, A. (2022) Responses of Gulf of Alaska plankton communities during and after a marine heatwave. Deep Sea Research II (2022).

Beaugrand, G., Kléparski, L., Luczak, C., Goberville, E. and Kirby, R., (2022). A new general theory of Island Biogeography. Authorea Preprints. A new general theory of Island Biogeography - Authorea

Castorani, M., Bell, T.W., Walter, J.A., Reuman, D.C. and Sheppard, L.W. Disturbance, Resources, and Climate Interactively Synchronize Kelp Forests Across Scales. Accepted Ecology Letters.. Agu.

Chaabane, Sonia, de Garidel, Thibault, Giraud, Xavier, Schiebel, Ralf, Beaugrand, Gregory, Brummer, Geert-Jan, Casajus, Nicolas, Greco, Mattia, Grigoratou, Maria, Howa, Hélène, Jonkers, Lukas, Kucera, Michal, Kuroyanagi, Azumi, Meilland, Julie, Monteiro, Fanny, Mortyn, Graham, Almogi-Labin Ahuva, Asahi Hirofumi, Avnaim-Katav Simona, Johns D.J.… Ziveri Patrizia. (2022). The FORCIS database: A global census of planktonic Foraminifera from ocean waters (Version 01) [Data set]. Zenodo. Dec 2022.

Colborne, S.F., Sheppard, L.W., O’Donnell, D.R., Reuman, D.C., Walter, J.A., Singer, G.P., Kelly, J.T., Thomas, M.J. and Rypel, A.L., 2021. Intraspecific variation in migration timing of green sturgeon in the Sacramento River system. Ecosphere (2022) 13:e4139

Edwards, M., Beaugrand, G., Kleparski, L.*, Hélaouët, P., and Reid, P.C. 2022 Climate variability and multi-decadal diatom abundance in the Northeast Atlantic. Communications Earth & Environment

Espinasse, B., Sturbois, A., Basedow, S.L., Helaouet, P., Johns, D.G., Newton, J. and Trueman C.N. 2022. Temporal dynamics in zooplankton δ13C and δ15N isoscapes for the North Atlantic Ocean: Decadal cycles, seasonality and implications for predator ecology. Frontiers Ecology and Evolution.  Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution, 10, 986082. (doi: 10.3389/fevo.2022.986082)

García-Carreras, B., Yang, B., Grabowski, M.K., Sheppard, L.W., Huang, A.,T., Salje, H., Clapham, H.E., Iamsirithaworn, S., Doung-Ngern, P., Lessler, J., Cummings, D.A.T. Periodic synchronisation of dengue epidemics in Thailand over the last 5 decades driven by temperature and immunity. PLOS Biology (2022).

Giering, S.L.C., Culverhouse, P.F., Johns, D.G., McQuatters-Gollop, A. and Pitois, S.G. 2022. Are plankton nets a thing of the past? An assessment of in situ imaging of zooplankton for large-scale ecosystem assessment and policy decision-making. Frontiers in Marine Science.

Grigoratou, M., Montes, E., Richardson, A.J., Everett, J.D., Acevedo-Trejos, E., Anderson, C., Chen, B., Guy-Haim, T., Hinners, J., Lindemann, C., Garcia, T.M., Möller, K.O., Monteiro, F.M., Neeley, A.R., O'Brien, T.D., Palacz, A.P., Poulton, A.J., Prowe, A.E.F., Rodríguez-Santiago, Á.E., Rousseaux, C.S., Runge, J., Saad, J.F., Santi, I., Stern, R., Soccodato, A., Våge, S., Vogt, M., Zervoudaki, S. and Muller-Karger, F.E. (2022), The Marine Biodiversity Observation Network Plankton Workshops: Plankton Ecosystem Function, Biodiversity, and Forecasting—Research Requirements and Applications. Limnology and Oceanography Bulletin, 31: 22-26.

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Liszka, C.M., Thorpe, S.E., Wootton, M., Fielding, S., Murphy, E.J. and Tarling, G.A. (2022)  Plankton and nekton community structure in the vicinity of the South Sandwich Islands (Southern Ocean) and the influence of environmental factors,
Deep Sea Research Part II: Topical Studies in Oceanography.  ISSN 0967-0645.  (

Lyashevska, O., Brophy, D., Wing, S., Johns, D.G., Haberlin, D. and Doyle, T. (2022) Evidence of a range expansion in sunfish from 47 years of coastal sightings . Marine Biology 169: 20(2022).

Olin, A.B., Banas, N.S., Johns, D.G., Heath, M.R., Wright, P.J. and Nager, R.G. (2022) Spatio-temporal variation in the zooplankton prey of lesser sandeels: species and community trait patterns from the Continuous Plankton Recorder. ICES Journal of Marine Science.

Ostle, C., P. Landschutzer, M. Edwards, M. Johnson, S. Schmidtko, U. Schuster, A. J. Watson, and C. Robinson. (2022) Multidecadal changes in biology influence the variability of the North Atlantic carbon sink. Environmental Research Letters.

Price, E., Jeffries, R., Mahaffey, C., Stern, R., Castellani, C. (2022) Sensitivity of plankton assemblages to hydroclimate variability in the Barents Sea (in submission). Biogeosciences (in review).

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Tarling, G.A., Belcher, A., Blackwell, M., Castellani, C., Cook, K.B., Cottier, F.R., Dewar-Fowler, V., Freer, J.J., Gerrish, L., Johnson, M.L., Last, K.S., Lindeque, P.K., Mayor, D.J., Parry, H.E., Stowasser, G.,  Wootton, M. 2022.  Carbon and Lipid Contents of the Copepod Calanus finmarchicus Entering Diapause in the Fram Strait and Their Contribution to the Boreal and Arctic Lipid Pump.   Frontiers in Marine Science.  DOI=10.3389/fmars.2022.926462  

Turner, A., Ostle, C. and Wootton, M. (2022) Science of the Total Environment Occurrence and chemical characteristics of microplastic paint flakes in the North Atlantic Ocean, Sci. Total Environ., 806, 150375, doi:10.1016/j.scitotenv.2021.150375.

Valdes, L., Lopez-Urrutia, A., Beaugrand, G., Harris, R.P. and Irigoien, X. 2022. Seasonality and interannual variability of copepods in the Western English Channel, Celtic Sea, Bay of Biscay, and Cantabrian Sea with a special emphasis to Calanus helgolandicus and Acartia clausi. ICES Journal of Marine Science, 2022,0, 1-14 DOI: 10.1093/icesjms/fsac052

Jonathan A Walter, Max CN Castorani, Tom W Bell, Lawrence W Sheppard, Kyle C Cavanaugh, Daniel C Reuman. (2022) Tail‐dependent spatial synchrony arises from nonlinear driver–response relationships. Ecology Letters 25 (5), 1189-1201

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