Research services we can provide

The CPR Survey offers a broad range of skills and expertise, from genes to entire marine systems. We use a variety of approaches, from the most conceptual (ecological theories) to the most practical (laboratory-based experimentation). These include:

  1. Expertise in ecology, macroecology and marine environmental change
  • Provide robust and sensitive indicators of environmental changes
  • Offer expertise in time-series analysis and interpretation of climate change impacts, phenology, regime shifts, biodiversity and invasive species

  1. Numerical data analysis and modelling
  • Expertise in creating, managing and processing large geospatial databases
  • Expertise in species distribution and biodiversity modelling

  1. Molecular techniques and physiological experimentation
  • Expertise in molecular analysis of plankton specimens, including preserved archival samples
  • Expertise in bioinformatics analysis of next generation sequencing metagenetic datasets from marine environmental samples

  1. Plankton taxonomy (morphological and molecular) expertise
  • Phytoplankton and zooplankton
  • Including organisms such as bacteria and viruses
  • Harmful organisms from pathogenic eukaryotes to harmful algae

  1. Knowledge exchange
  • Preparation of environmental assessments using historic datasets
  • Development of appropriate planktonic indicators
  • Report writing for governmental bodies, NGOs and companies
  • Facilitating the application of science in response to specific targeted questions (e.g. for policy/environmental assessments etc.).

      6. Consultancy 

In addition to offering CPR data, Survey staff have experience in providing expert knowledge and advice in a wide range of marine scientific projects.

For example, staff have provided advice and reports to NGOs, governmental bodies, Competent Monitoring Authorities and private companies, at both national and international levels, on a variety of plankton-themed areas of work.

Examples of these include environmental assessments of the plankton community, development of plankton indicators, examination of long-term trends and impacts of plankton blooms.


For further information on any of the services listed above or those available across the organisation, please contact