Photo of Jennifer Leigh

Jennifer Leigh

  • Plankton Analyst and Communications Officer

Since joining the CPR Survey in 2011, Jennifer has developed her taxonomic expertise in phyto- and zooplankton and is part of both the North Atlantic and North Pacific Analysis teams.

She has experience of collaborative projects promoting the effective governance of marine ecosystems, has published a policy advice document based on key UK and EU policy instruments which was launched at the UK House of Commons, and has played an active role in engaging with a variety of stakeholders and end-users, including policy makers, businesses, the general public and other research institutes. Through her role Jennifer seeks to communicate the science and impacts of research to a wider audience, to improve understanding on the marine environment and to better support responsible and appropriate future decision making.

As Communications Officer, Jennifer is responsible for the CPR Survey social media platforms, writing news articles and press releases relating to the Survey, and creating content for marketing materials, newsletters and the MBA online shop.

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