Photo of Dr Pierre Hélaouët

Dr Pierre Hélaouët

  • Numerical Ecologist and Data Scientist

Pierre Hélaouët is a numerical ecologist at the Marine Biological Association (MBA). He specialises in plankton ecology, statistical analysis and data processing. His research is focused on developing and using ecological concepts to explain spatio-temporal variability in planktonic communities. He has published papers dealing with ecological niche concepts, marine pelagic biodiversity, ecosystem functioning, global change, biogeography at mesoscales. As well as contributing to the blue-sky research, he is involved in a large number of contracts and has extensive experience in producing scientific reports. He is the coordinator of the iCPR project, involved in current European projects (e.g. AtlantEco) as well as NERC projects (DIAPOD). He has also a central role in the MBA’s data team, in charge of developing and disseminating scientific products using MBA data.

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