SAHFOS book, 'Marine Plankton' out now

24 Feb 2017 | 2326

SAHFOS is delighted to announce the launch of Marine Plankton - A Practical Guide to Ecology, Methodology and Taxonomy.

The comprehensive guide, written by SAHFOS and collaborators, and edited by Dr Claudia Castellani and Professor Martin Edwards is being officially launched by publisher, Oxford University Press at the ASLO 2017 Aquatic Sciences Meeting in Honolulu, Hawaii, the week commencing February 26th.


A thorough understanding of planktonic organisms is the first step towards a real appreciation of the diversity, biology and ecological importance of marine life. A detailed knowledge of their distribution and community composition is particularly important since these organisms are often very delicate and sensitive to change, and can be used as early indicators of environmental change. Natural and man-induced modification of the environment can affect both the distribution and composition of plankton, with important ecological and economical impacts.

Marine Plankton provides a practical guide to plankton biology with a large geographic coverage, spanning the North Sea to the north-eastern Atlantic coast of the USA and Canada. The book is divided into three sections: an overview of plankton ecology, an assessment of methodology in plankton research covering sampling, preservation, and counting of samples, and a taxonomic guide richly illustrated with detailed line drawings to aid identification. This is an essential reference text suitable for senior undergraduate and graduate students taking courses in marine ecology (particularly useful for fieldwork) as well as for professional marine biologists. It will also be of reference and use to environmental scientists, conservation biologists, marine resource managers, environmental consultants and other specialised practitioners.

TABLE OF CONTENTS (SAHFOS contributors in bold)

General Introduction
Section I - Ecology
1: The marine environment, N. P. Holliday and S. Henson
2: Plankton biodiversity and biogeography, G. Beaugrand
3: Phytoplankton productivity, J. A. Raven
4: Zooplankton productivity, A. G. Hirst
5: Phytoplankton biogeochemical cycles, C. Robinson
6: Zooplankton biogeochemical cycles, D. K. Steinberg
7: Plankton and global change, M. Edwards
8: Plankton and Fisheries, K. Brander
Section II - Methodology
9: Sampling, preservation, and counting of samples i) Phytoplankton, A. C. Kraberg, K. Metfies, and R. Stern
10: Sampling, preservation, and counting of samples ii) Zooplankton, P. H. Wiebe, M. C. Benfield, and A. Bucklin
Section III - Taxonomy
Part 1 - Phytoplankton
Introduction: Taxonomy of planktonic microbial eukaryotes, A. C. Kraberg and R. Stern
Phytoplankton: Diatoms, A. C. Kraberg and R. Stern
Phytoplankton: Dinoflagellates, A. C. Kraberg and R. Stern
Phytoplankton: Flagellates, R. Stern, H. Esson, and C. Balestreri
Part 2 - Zooplankton
Protozooplankton: Ciliates, A. Kraberg, J. Yang, R. Stern, and M. Strüder-Kypke
Protozooplankton: Radiolaria and Achantharia, R. Stern, C. Taylor, S. Sadri, J. Decelle, and F. Not
Protozooplankton: Foraminifera, R. Stern, C. Taylor, and S. Sadri
Cnidaria: Schyphozoa and non-colonial Hydrozoa, P. Licandro, A. Fischer, and D. Lindsay
Cnidaria: colonial Hydrozoa (Siphonophorae), P. Licandro, C. Carré, and D. Lindsay
Ctenophora, P. Licandro and D. Lindsay
Crustacea: Introduction, C. Castellani
Crustacea: Copepoda, M. Wootton and C. Castellani
Crustacea: Branchiopoda, C. Castellani
Crustacea: Cirripedia and Facetotecta, E. Southward
Crustacea: Ostracoda, M. V. Angel and A. W. John
Crustacea: Decapoda, C. Buckland, C. Castellani, J. A. Lindley, and A. dos Santos
Crustacea: Stomatopoda, C. Castellani, C. Buckland, J. A. Lindley, and D. Conway
Crustacea: Lophogastrida and Mysida, C. Castellani, M. Lehtiniemi, and K. Meland
Crustacea: Amphipoda, T. Jonas
Crustacea: Euphausiacea, J. A. Lindley
Anellida: holoplanktonic Polychaeta, C. Castellani and R. Camp
Mollusca: holoplanktonic molluscs, S. Lischka and H. Ossenbrügger
Chaetognatha, A. C. Pierrot-Bults
Echinodermata, D.V.P. Conway, C. Castellani, and E. C. Southward
Bryozoa, J. Fuchs and J. Bishop
Brachiopoda, J. Fuchs
Phoronida, J. Fuchs
Rotifera, D. V. P. Conway, R.Camp and C. Castellani
Chordata: Thaliacea, P. Licandro and M. Brunetta
Chordata: Appendicularia, G. Gorsky and C. Castellani
Chordata: Fish eggs and larvae, P. Munk and J. G. Nielsen

This useful tool for the research and scientific communities is available to purchase online here (via the Oxford University Press website).

As part of the launch we are able to offer 20% off purchase, please note this is only applicable to non-trade customers (once you have added the book to the online basket via the link, use the code 'ACFLYP8' in the promo code box, then click 'apply').

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