Scientific Reports

The CPR Survey produces a number of scientific reports that address topical issues designed to reach a wide range of audiences. These reports offer the bigger picture in marine science research, helping to influence and shape environmental government policy at national, European and international levels.

Ecological Status Reports

The Ecological Status Report facilitates the transfer of knowledge between scientists and policymakers. This report offers an assessment of the current status of the pelagic North East Atlantic based on observations from the CPR Survey. Current and past issues available.



Research Publications

The CPR Survey plays an active role in the research community. Publishing the findings from this research enables us to share our world class science, and reach a variety of different audiences. Browse our research publications.



Data from the CPR survey is regularly used to inform policy and management and to address environmental management issues related to climate change, fisheries, biodiversity, invasive species, pollution, ocean acidification and Harmful Algal Blooms. Here is a complete summary of our contributions and associated links.


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