Photo of Marianne Wootton

Marianne Wootton

  • Senior Plankton Analyst

Marianne is Senior Analyst for the CPR Survey, and Training Coordinator for the Global Alliance of CPR Surveys. Having worked for the organisation as a Plankton Analyst since 2002, she has a wealth of experience in phytoplankton and zooplankton identification from around the world. Marianne’s taxonomic expertise is regularly used to teach plankton identification to a wide range of learners, from university students to other research scientists.  She is co-author on a plankton guide to the North Atlantic and, in collaboration with the NE Atlantic Marine Biological Analytical Quality Control Scheme (NMBAQC), is a lead developer of an international zooplankton quality assurance scheme. Since joining, Marianne has been involved in many aspects of the CPR survey, from Workshop Technician and Shipping Clerk to quality control of analysis data and plankton taxonomy.


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